Can FOREX Day Trading Still Be A REAL Source Of Income In The 2020’s & Beyond?

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FOREX day trading has seen a rise in popularity over the last few decades. Thanks in-part to the rapid progress of online technologies that allow anyone, anywhere to day trade FOREX! But as will every fad or trend, it tends to die down over time and fail. Could FOREX day trading still be a real source of income in the 2020’s and beyond?

What is the FOREX market?

FOREX trading is the act of buying and selling foreign currencies! Global exchange rates are changing every second – and there are opportunities to profit from these changes just as fast!

What exactly is FOREX day trading?

FOREX day trading is different from standard FOREX investing in that the contracts are usually closed same day! This means the day trader realizes his profits or losses at the end of each trading session. Day trading can be volatile, but the returns can be large – and fast!

How can I use FOREX day trading to earn income?

Discipline is needed to earn real income in the FOREX markets. In order to consistently earn profits, you must develop a day trading strategy that produces consistent profits. Only then should you replace your current income with your FOREX income.

How is technology affecting the FOREX market?

New technology is greatly affecting the FOREX markets of today. Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more prevalent within institutional trading systems. This boom in FOREX artificial intelligence is hindering the human traders ability to gain a competitive edge and earn consistent profits in the FOREX markets. Trading automation will become more and more popular – and the FOREX market must adapt to these changes.

Will FOREX day trading still be around in the 2020’s and beyond?

With uncertainties surrounding FORX automation and machine learning, the future of the FOREX day trader could be coming to an abrupt end. However dark the future may seem, there will always be opportunities that the machines will not be able to expect. These include unexpected political events, natural disasters & more. The FOREX day trader of tomorrow will still be able to trade these events, and earn a huge income!

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The FOREX market is here to stay! However, the FOREX market of the future could look extremely different from the one we see at the moment. FOREX automation and machine learning is becoming more powerful by the second. The FOREX market of tomorrow could be overcome by a majority of machines, with only the extremely adaptable and battle tested traders able to earn income!

Final thoughts..

With any investment endeavor, there is risk involved. FOREX trading involves a substantial amount of risk and emotional commitment. To be a true success in the FOREX market, you must adopt a winning mindset. You must also develop a battle-tested trading plan. The FOREX master looks at his trading endeavors as a business, not a hobby. In all situations you must take care of your business to earn profits, and with FOREX – that profit could be huge.

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