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Tips for Hiring an Office Manager

Are you looking for an office manager? Whether you are hiring an office manager for the first time or if you are simply hiring a replacement, it is important that you proceed with caution. Although office managers perform a wide range of tasks, they are typically responsible for the overseeing of your business, at least from the standpoint of your back or front office.

When it comes to hiring an office manager, it is important that you do not choose the first candidate that comes your way. As a business owner, you owe it to yourself, as well as your other employees to take your time. Taking your time enables you to choose the office management candidate that best fits the needs of your business.

One of the many factors that should be examined, when looking to hire a new office management worker, is training. Although you will likely take steps to train your office manager, it is advised that you hire an individual who has some relevant training, as this lessens the amount of time that you or another employee of yours has to spend by their side.

Training comes in a number of different formats, but relevant training for office management positions often includes the taking of management training courses, computer skills training courses, and well as typing or word processing training courses.

On the job experience is another factor to examine, when looking to hire a new office manager for your company. On the job experience is similar to training. Hiring an office manager who has office management experience or even just experience working as a manager or a secretary is likely to improve your chances of success.

As with training, on the job experience means that your candidates are familiar with the job and what may be expected of them. This can also significantly reduce the amount of time spent on training new hires.

Relevant skills is another important feature to look for in office management candidates. Skills are different than relevant job experience or training, as an individual can learn new skills without the assistance of a training course or a previous job.

Skills that you will want to look for include the ability to use multi-line phone systems, the ability to type a high number of words per minute, the ability to quickly ten key, and so forth. These skills are just a few of the many that office managers regularly find themselves needing to possess.

It is also advised that you examine the personality and professionalism of all office management candidates that come your way. This is important, as office managers must have both a personality and professionalism. Their personality should be examined in terms of customer service and human resources.

If your office manager will be dealing directly with your clients or with other office personnel, it is important that they are pleasant to do deal with. Professionalism is important, as your office manager will represent you and your company and that should be done in a professional matter.

Availability should also be examined. If you are looking for an office manager to be available during your business hours and for overtime, it is important to state so during all job interviews. This is important, as you do not want to have any surprises later on when you ask your new office manager to stay late to complete a project. As a word to the wise, it may be best to specify that extra hours may be required, just in case.

Pay is also important, as you will want to find a qualified office management candidate, but you should also stay within your budget. It may be best to outline your intended office management salary during the job interview. This will let the applicants know what you are prepared to pay and they can decide if they want to work at that level or not.

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