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The Importance of a Training Philosophy

The biggest thing that prevents most people from seeing the results they want in their training is very simply that they don’t see it through to the end. It’s no good coming up with a training program – no matter how well designed that program is – and then only trying it for a couple of weeks before giving up. If you’re ever going to get the kind of body you’ve always wanted, then you’re going to need to stick at your training indefinitely (unless the kind of body you always wanted was an overweight one…).

But if you’re going to stick to a training program indefinitely, then you’re going to need some good incentive for training. This is where a training philosophy comes in…

What is a Training Philosophy?

Your training philosophy will encapsulate your beliefs as they pertain to training. That means what you believe in regards to the way that you’re approaching training but it also means what you believe in regards to the reason you train in the first place.

What is it that motivated you to start training in the first place? And what is it that will motivate you to keep training?

A lot of guys will answer these questions by stating that they started training in order to attract women but that’s not really what we’re talking about here… Rather, we’re talking about the kind of motivation and passion that drives you. The kind of thing that will make you dedicated and committed.

But what if you don’t know what that is?

The Five Whys

One way to find out the real belief behind your training is to ask yourself the question ‘why’ five times.

Why do you want to train? To get women?

Why do you want to get women? So you feel good about yourself?

Why do you want to feel good about yourself? Because right now you lack confidence?

The more you ask ‘why’, the easier you will find it to get to the real route of the problem.

For me, it essentially boils down to freedom. Being stronger, faster and more capable helps with traversal and means that you can never be intimidated into doing anything you don’t want to!

Have a Vision

Another tip is to have a vision.

Visualize what it is that you want to look like and feel like. Visualize how you want your life to be and who you want to be. Picture your perfect future.

This is important because the vision you come up with will likely have a lot of emotion attached to it. You will likely find that you have a real sense of desire for this possible future and it’s that sense of desire that is going to help you to wake up each morning and get to the gym.

From there, you design your shorter-term goals and the training program that you need to get there. But at the same time, you’re keeping your eye on that bigger picture that will really push you toward your goals…

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