Learn How To Develop The Millionaire Mindset!

For generations sports people and successful entrepreneurs have known that their mentality can have further positive outcomes on their careers and get them into that millionaire mindset. Napoleon Hill was one of the first to point this out in ‘Think and Grow Rich’. You may remember a new spin on this by Rhonda Byrne in ‘The Secret’. The lessons learned from these readings is that the way you interpret ideas and opportunities is from your mentality.

When I was younger I worked with my parents as cleaner. They broke their backs day and night but in their eyes this was a good career path as they earned a little bit more than if they worked a normal job. When I started studying for my bachelor of entrepreneurship I was exposed to scaleable businesses. What appealed to me most about these ventures was that they still made money while the entrepreneurs were not there. Today I have a born global mentality as I am thinking about larger markets.

Let me give you an example of how my mindset has developed over the years. Let us take the example of the idea of starting a unique fast food business in Australia. If I were to start this at 16 I would have been looking at a nice local store to where I lived with something unique that would provide slightly better than a wage for my life time. If at 18 I wanted to start such a business I would have been looking to setup a store in a high traffic area and put systems in place so the business was running and making money while I was not there. Today with such an idea I would be looking to build a brand which people talked about craved. I would then look to get this profitable in the first 2-3 years and look to open more stores via franchising. I would then look to take the brand to new markets fairly quickly.

The funny thing about the processes above is nearly the same amount of time and effort go into each of the three. The only thing which is different is the entrepreneur at the beginning of the business’ journey with what is and is not possible.

In developing the mentality for a millionaire mindset there are steps needing to be taken. Aspiring entrepreneurs need to be respectful of taking small but frequent steps. If you take a huge leap you must remember you can go backwards just as quickly.

Typically ‘serial entrepreneurs’ have found a good and efficient way to build on themselves. By starting small and building a venture, then exiting and starting something bigger and repeating this process slowly builds them up to a better mindset.

My path has been a little different as I did have a limitation for experience because of my age. However with education by reading books I was able to give my self a head start when it came time for me to roll up my sleeves. I also gained a lot from hearing about others experiences.

With your millionaire mindset just remember the only limitation is the ideas that your mind blocks. The best way to expand on your mentality is to experience as you can best judge then what is and is not possible.

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