What is InfoZIPs?

InfoZIPs.com is an online how to catalog that connects users to helpful info products. Search, shop and instantly download helpful info products designed for betterment, on any device!

What are info products?

Info Products are products that contain packaged information. Information Products are designed to teach, inform and educate consumers on specific skills, topics & expertise!

Is there any shipping involved?

Nope! There is no shipping involved. Your products are delivered via instant download! Upon checkout, your download links will be made available to you!

How can I access my downloads?

Upon checkout, your download links will be made available on the confirmation page! Click your download links to instantly download your info products to your device. Your download links will remain in your account, forever!

What's an InfoZIPs subscription?

InfoZips subscriptions allow users to download unlimited products, anytime. After your lifetime subscription is activated, you can download products 100% off, for life!

Do my downloads ever expire?

Nope! Your digital products never expire. Keep, download & study your info products from your account dashboard anytime, anywhere, forever!

How are products licensed?

The products featured on InfoZips are created by individual entrepreneurs & experts in their field. We find and license these helpful products, and bring them directly to you at wholesale prices!

What are "Info Points?"

Info Points are cashback points you earn for shopping at InfoZips. Earn 25% cashback on products and subscriptions! Exchange your Info Points for store credit/coupons and unlock even more expert information!


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