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💪 About FitZIPs

FitZIPs is a self-improvement app that connects users to helpful health & fitness programs, for life.
Explore, download & study expert fitness, nutrition & mental health guides – anytime, anywhere.
Unlock valuable health info, for less. We find & license expert programs – then bring them to you, for less!


What is FitZIPs?

FitZIPs is a self-improvement and education app that connects users to helpful Health & Fitness PDF guides!

How does FitZIPs work?

To learn with FitZIPs: Discover, explore and study helpful Health & Fitness guides – anytime, anywhere!

How can I view my guide(s)?

To study any FitZIPs guide, simply click the “STUDY” button to view your PDF guide on it’s own dedicated page!

How do I download my guide(s)?

To download guides directly to your device: click the “download” link within our built-in PDF reader. Your guide will begin downloading to your device!

Are results guaranteed?

Results are not guaranteed and depend upon many factors. For more information on these terms – please refer to our Disclaimer Policy.

How often are new guides added?

New guys will be added to FitZIPs WEEKLY beginning  7/13/20!

Does my account ever expire?

No your account NEVER expires. After your payment – you can access your FitZIPs account anytime, anywhere – forever!