Self Esteem Examples: Learn How Histories Highest Achievers Harnessed Confidence & Self Esteem To TRULY Bring Massive Change To The World!

Throughout history, there have been key individuals who have harnessed the power of self-confidence and superior self-esteem to overcome astronomical odds and achieve success! If any of the individuals below lacked confidence and proper self-esteem, the world itself would be completely different!

But first..

What exactly is self-esteem?

Self esteem is the value that you give yourself. In other words, it is the ability to see ones own value and live accordingly! Self esteem is your overall belief of yourself and your own value. Proper self-esteem is essential if you want to achieve the success mindset!

Self-esteem is needed if you want to take MASSIVE action or enact MASSIVE change!

Without a good self-valuation, one cannot understand the success that they deserve. With a negative mindset and low self-esteem, it is almost impossible to achieve success in any area of life. To enact massive change on the societal level, you must have great self-esteem.

What are some examples of people displaying self-esteem in the real-world?

History is filled with amazing moments of triumph and success. In almost all of these moments, there is an individual behind the scenes that displayed amazing self esteem. Here are 7 stunning real-world examples of individuals harnessing self-esteem and self-confidence to TRULY change the world!

  • Β 1. Thomas Edison – Invention Of The Light Bulb

Thomas Edison failed 1000+ times to create a practical, working light bulb. After hundreds of repeat failures, Edison continued to preserver and overcame his obstacles to invent the first commercial Light Bulb. None of that would be possible if he lacked the confidence and self-esteem to continue on with his once ‘failed’ invention.

thomas edison light bulb impact on society

  • 2. Helen Keller – Publishing Of 12 Books

Despite being born blind and deaf, Hellen Keller was able to publish 12 books! This incredible display of determination and will-power will forever live in the history books. Without confidence in herself and the ability to overcome what some would say is impossible, the world would be without the BRAILLE writing system. Helen Keller undoubtedly possessed an incredible amount of positive self-esteem!

helen keller accomplishments

  • Β 3. Nikola Tesla – Invention Of Alternating Current

Nikola Tesla believe in alternating current when other didn’t. He even left his job with Thomas Edison to start his own electric company based upon alternating current technology. Tesla believed in himself and understood his value. Without these assets, Tesla may have very well stayed with Edison – having never brought A/C to the masses!

nikola tesla real photos

  • Β 4. Nelson Mandela – Elected President Of South Africa

Nelson Mandela spent 27 years of his life in prison. Throughout that time, he must have seen some very dark days. However, Nelson Mandela was able to overcome this extreme adversity to become the first black president of South Africa! Without great self-esteem and proper self-confidence in himself – he would have never been able to hold such a high office and others may have thought twice about voting for him.

nelson mandela portrait

  • 5. Franklin Delano Roosevelt – World War 2

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was able to guide the United States to victory in ww2. He overcame unspeakable odds and a crippling disease to led the United States through some of it’s darkest times. Without proper confidence, FDR would have never been able to galvanize the nation behind the effort of global peace. Although not alive to see victory in ww2, FDR’s legacy will be forever linked to this great test.

printable pictures of franklin d roosevelt

  • 6. Steve Jobs – Commercializing The Personal Computer

Steve Jobs was turned down by dozens of investors when starting Apple Computer. Many did not believe in his vision and thought the personal computer was a nothing more than a fancy calculator. Steve didn’t listen to them! Instead he believed in and knew his own value and eventually, he was able to find partners that saw his vision. Steve Jobs would later go on to commercialize the first personal computer, create PIXAR animations, invent the iPod, iPad and of course the iPhone!

steve jobs pics hd

  • Β 7. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Civil Rights Movement

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. overcame constant racial attacks throughout his life and would later go on to help usher in the Civil Rights movement. Dr. King was able to display his incredible self-confidence on August 28, 1963 when he delivered one of the most powerful speeches in history – the famous “I Have A Dream” speech!

pictures of martin luther king jr i have a dream speech

What is needed to harness TRUE self-confidence & self esteem?

A positive mindset is needed if you want to bring about the best version of yourself! With positivity and the belief in others, you can believe in yourself to achieve greatness. When you remove negative energy and show your true values, other will begin to value you! When others naturally value you – your self-esteem and self-confidence will also come naturally!

Final thoughts..

Self-confidence lies within all of us. Every one of us can harness the power of the individuals above to display superior self-confidence and self-esteem!

Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

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